Adding Additional Domains to my Hosting Account

Adding an additional domain to your Hosting Account is a two-step process:


1. Domain Registration:

If you have already registered your domain with another registrar, make sure that the name servers listed at that registrar are correct:


To transfer a domain to DayGig Hosting, OR to register a new domain with DayGig Hosting:

Transferring a domain from another registrar? (GoDaddy, HostGator, etc...)
Before initiating a domain transfer to DayGig Hosting you will need two things:

1) Make sure that your domain is unlocked.
Locks help prevent unauthorized transfers. Your domain will be -re-locked after the transfer to DayGig Hosting.

2) Make sure you have your EPP Transfer code. 
Some companies may word this differently - it is a small text string that helps prove that you are the owner of the domain.

These can be done by logging into your current domain registrar and navigating to the Domain Management section.

Log into the Client Area

Click the "Order" link.

Change the Service to "Domain Registration"

(or click here:


2. Add the Domain to your Hosting Account:

Log into the Hosting Area

Under the Domains tab, click on "Addon Domains"

Add your domain name and set a password.

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